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Color y Sabor Mediterraneo

About Color

Color & Sabor Mediterraneo (CSM) since 2012 it has been in charge of wholesale and import finest pottery, paella pan and clay pots from Spain, Italy and Poland.


CSM is located in Miami, FL. From our location we distribute our products around the USA, the Caribbean and Latin America.


Our pieces are always selected with you in mind, from the soil of our European countries. We import high quality pottery to decorate your garden.


Our Story

Locally Own

Ceramic From Spain


Our craftsman hand made every pieces with great care. You can enjoy beautiful, unique pieces and hand painted. 


Our pots are made with the best terracotta extracted from the quarries located in the south of Spain and Italy next to the Mediterraneo sea.


Every pieces is fired up to 990 celsius this procedure gives our pieces great resistance and perfect colors.



Plastic from Poland


This product is our new line of pottery. It is innovative, modern, high quality, light weight.


Is a product that focuses on minimalism and timelessness. 


This line aims to become a common aesthetic element of contemporary social space.

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